Hallin starts work in Myanmar


Singapore: Hallin Marine has started a four-month project at the Zawtika gas field off the coast of Myanmar. Working in partnership with a major offshore construction contractor, Hallin is providing its Penrith DP2 offshore support vessel complete with a third-party work-class remotely operated vehicle (WROV).

“Penrith will be deployed in an undersea monitoring and support role while the offshore construction contractor conducts pipelaying from a separate vessel,” explained Rik Zwinkels, md of Hallin East Division. “The objective is to assemble a 28 diameter natural-gas feed extending 230 kilometres from ZPQ to landfall. As pipelaying progresses, the WROV will be used to check that all free spans are within safe limits. Excessive spans will be infilled with grout to ensure long-term stability. Penrith has large under deck bulk tanks and good deck space which are ideal for accommodating additional silos, grouting equipment and the ROV mezzanine deck, as required.”

Discovered in 2007, the Zawtika Field is located in the Gulf of Martaban, approximately 300 kilometres south of Yangon and 290 km west of Tavoy on the Myanmar coast. Water depth averages between 135 and 160 m. The field is operated by Petroleum Authority of Thailand Exploration and Production International (PTTEP International) which has an 80% holding, the balance of ownership being with Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise.  [06/12/12]


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