Hans Jensen Lubricators: Owners focusing on lube bills


Hadsund: Hard pressed shipowners, laden with concerns such as slow steaming, the environment, engines with longer stroke lengths and the necessity of ensuring optimal operation, are increasingly turning their attention to their lubricants bills and how best to optimize this spend. Denmark’s family run Hans Jensen Lubricators (HJL) reckons it has a solution for the industry.

In 2010 HJS introduced HJ Lubtronic to the market. HJ Lubtronic is an electronically controlled lubricator, which has the capability, as the only electronic lubricator on the market, to supply fresh cylinder oil with every piston stroke, as opposed to similar products which operate with intermittent lubrication. The result is a more frequent neutralization of acids formed during combustion, and also a reduced consumption as the amount injected is automatically adjusted according to various parameters, such as engine load or sulphur content in fuel oil.

“Shipowners are looking for products that can help ensure economical savings and a high degree of operational security,” says HJS’s ceo, Rasmus Hans Jensen. “We have also experienced an increased interest in eco-friendly products, capable of reducing carbon footprint, and products which are very easy for ship’s staff to handle and which can deal with the challenges of low load operation and varying sulphur contents.” Nevertheless, for Hansen, the single most important thing for shipowners today is that they get a partner who can provide a large level of service, and not only sell beneficial and cost saving products, but also learn or train the customers in correct use.  [14/10/13]

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