Hanseaticsoft: Shipping poor at information management

Hanseaticsoft: Shipping poor at information management

Hamburg: Shipping companies are poor in general at information management, says one German IT firm in today’s Maritime CEO interview.

Alexander Buchmann, ceo of Hamburg-based Hanseaticsoft, reckons information management takes about 25% of the daily working hours of an employee at a shipping company.

“There is no doubt that the shipping industry is still far behind in comparison to other industries,” Buchmann says.

A company with 100 employees can calculate about EUR1.5m can be saved a year through better data availability, Buchmann reckons.

His firm’s specifically tailored solution Cloud Fleet Manager is gaining traction as a way to handle this issue.

“With our solution for effective information management – the Cloud Fleet Manager- we want to become the standard for shipping companies all over the world. In Germany we’re already one of the leading software providers for shipping companies,” Buchmann says.


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