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Harris CapRock: Uniquely connected platform

Houston: Businesses with global operations offshore, such as those in the energy and cruise industries, must maintain reliable communications while moving rigs or ships from one region of the world to another. With today’s remote communications services, companies can choose from a number of options; however, none of them offers one platform that can connect to all types of offshore networks. Until now, says Richard Simonian, Head of Maritime Group of Harris Caprock.

“Harris CapRock One is the industry’s most intelligent communications service,” he claims. It monitors for and adopts the best-fit satellite, wireless or terrestrial network. This industry-first solution is enabled by Harris CapRock’s proprietary multi-band antenna and intelligent communications director (ICD). “Harris CapRock One should not be compared to traditional satellite communications services,” Simonian says, “as it includes unique elements such as embedded network intelligence, a multi-band stabilised antenna, high-throughput satellites, location sensing and mapping as well as automatic beam and band switching.”

Harris CapRock One’s multi-band antenna is capable of supporting C-, Ku- and Ka-band. The antenna is remotely configurable, without an on-site service technician.

In terms of what clients are demanding Simonian and his team these days, he says: “Customers expect to experience the comforts of home while onboard so highly available connectivity is a must.  Trends in insatiable bandwidth needs are driven by consumer use of applications that demand higher throughput and bandwidth such as social media, video communications, and IoT applications.  This ever increasing thirst for more bandwidth can only be delivered by higher frequency global networks and technologically advanced providers.”


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