Hoglund Marine Solutions takes majority stake in wind-assisted car carrier project

Norway-based marine technology provider Hoglund Marine Solutions has acquired a two-thirds stake in Vindskip, a company developing a wind and LNG-powered vessel concept.

Vindskip is a vessel design project for a car/truck carrier that combines wind and gas power to achieve the lowest possible emissions in its market segment. Hoglund expects to bring its experience and expertise from providing LNG and automation solutions to the Vindskip project.

Alongside co-owners and fellow Norwegian electric propulsion provider Stadt, Hoglund will also supply LNG fuel system, power management and automation technology.

According to Hoglund, Vindskip design uses the shape of the hull to act like a sail, harnessing the wind to generate traction and provide auxiliary propulsion, while also reducing aerodynamic drag by up to 75% compared to traditional vessel design. It will also be powered by a flexible hybrid electric-LNG propulsion system, which could use bio gas (LBG) to further reduce GHG emissions.

It is estimated that the Vindskip design will emit 63% less CO2 and 96% less NOx than similar capacity car-carrying vessels currently in service.

“With the pressure on shipping to reduce GHG emissions increasing, it is more important than ever to demonstrate how innovative we can be in meeting this critical environmental challenge. I’m delighted that Hoglund’s role in the development of the Vindskip concept has increased, which will allow us to collaborate and bring our expertise to this unique and innovative project. Wind-assisted propulsion has great potential – but it needs careful integration of hardware and software to realise,” said Borge Nogva, president of Hoglund Marine Solutions and chairman of Vindskip.

Jason Jiang

Jason is one of the most prolific writers on the diverse China shipping & logistics industry and his access to the major maritime players with business in China has proved an invaluable source of exclusives. Having been working at Asia Shipping Media since inception, Jason is the chief correspondent of Splash and associate editor of Maritime CEO magazine. Previously he had written for a host of titles including Supply Chain Asia, Cargo Facts and Air Cargo Week.
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