Huge swathe of the merchant fleet predicted to fail to be ready for the sulphur cap

A very significant swathe of the global merchant fleet will be non-compliant during the first year of the sulphur cap, according to an ongoing survey carried on this site.

Of the 350 votes cast so far in MarPoll, our quarterly online survey, 45% of readers believe more than 20% of the global merchant fleet will fail to comply with the impending IMO-mandated sulphur cap during its first year of implementation.

Results of the survey will be published in the next issue of Maritime CEO magazine, due out later this month.

Other topics up for debate include how the Baltic Exchange creates its indices, demolition volumes this year, and the growing threat technology poses to the shipbroking community.

To vote takes as little as two minutes to complete and no registration is required. Vote now by clicking here.

How on track is your company en route to compliance with the global sulphur cap? Check out this recent video which contains a useful guide to what owners and operators need to have prepared by now to ensure a smooth start to 2020.


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  1. It comes as no surprise given a significant number of market participants were hoping for a delayed implementation which has not come to fruition.

    For those seeking a central database of fuel COQ’s and global fuel plans and availability there is a database available at http://www.2020planning.com which has been decided to help ship owners at this crucial planning stage.

    There is still 7 months to go – it is possible to become prepared for the 1st January and be compliant from day 1.

  2. Is it worth highlighting that there were only 350 individual votes, which is hardly a large amount.

    Furthermore, from the reporting above, it states that 157 people (approximately 45% of 350) BELIEVE that 20% of industry can’t meet the deadline….

    While it might be true, if it’s based on a belief, I take this alarmist headline with a fairly large dose of salt.

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