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Humpuss: ‘In LNG big is no longer attractive. Small is beautiful’

Jakarta: LNG shipping is going through a massive change – the reverse of much of the rest of the industry where bigger is better has been the mantra for much of the past decade. According to Theo Lekatompessy, the president of Indonesian LNG outfit Humpuss Intermoda Transportasi, “It is no longer big is attractive, but small is beautiful.”

Lekatompessy argues in Maritime CEO’s regular Friday shipowner profile slot, that this change is being brought about by something far larger in the world economy. “There is no globalisation,” he says, “There is regionalisation.”

Vessel designs are changing accordingly with trades of the future likely to call at multiple not single points.

While vessel capacity designs have been moving upward to achieve efficiency for import LNG from regional suppliers in order to achieve multipoint distribution this will see a growing number of 20,000 cu m LNG carriers as well as 4,000 to 8,000 cu m ships come in to operation, Lekatompessy argues.

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