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I-Tech: The rise of antifouling products

Gothenburg: Eight days ago the antifouling biocide Selektope, developed by Sweden’s I-Tech, was approved by the EU standing committee on biocidal products for EU-wide use from the January 1, next year.

Selektope has already received regulatory approval in Japan, Korea and China and is currently under evaluation in the US.

“The approval, under one of the world’s most rigorous environmental standards, is a huge achievement and represents an important milestone for our company”, says I-Tech CEO, Philip Chaabane.

“From our perspective, the increasing awareness of the contribution that antifouling products can make to fuel savings in combination with a slight increase in paint volumes will drive growth within the industry for the next few years,” Chaabane tells Maritime CEO.

The CEO reckons that with new regulatory standards being introduced in key markets, this is encouraging the commercial introduction of new technologies previously not available in his sector.

“I think there remains room for improvement in line with the real needs of end-users, and that as an active agent, Selektope will make a strong contribution as the need for sustainability dictates the use of new technologies that reduce biocidal content,” Chaabane concludes.

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