Illingworth starts at Deutsche Bank

Singapore: A well-known shipping banker in Singapore circles is back working after a brief gardening leave following his departure from DVB. Peter Illingworth has taken on the role of managing director, Head of Shipping Asia at Deutsche Bank.

Illingworth held the position of managing director of DVB Asia’s oil and gas tanker group through till the middle of June. He joined DVB as part of the acquisition of LTCB’s International Transportation business in 1998.

The move comes a month after Felix Ulbricht jumped ship in the other direction. Ubricht was appointed this July as head of DVB’s container, car carrier, Intermodal and ferry group based in Hamburg, New York and Singapore. Ulbricht was head of Deutsche Shipping Asia since 2008, where he was responsible for establishing Deutsche Bank’s market presence in Asian shipping finance.  [19/08/14]

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