Middle East

India keen to develop Chabahar links

Dubai: India is keen to set up regular container routes to Iran’s southeastern port of Chabahar, a delegation visiting from New Delhi said yesterday. Currently, most Indian goods heading to Iran have to transit in Dubai.

India is putting up some the $147m slated for the construction of a container terminal at Chabahar, with the world’s second most populous nation eyeing the terminal as a trading entrance to Iran and beyond to Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Afghanistan has also voiced its keenness to see Chabahar developed so that it does not have to rely solely on Pakistan ports for its trade. Chabahar is located 72 km to the west of the Pakistani port of Gwadar, a facility that has been built with Chinese cash and is now operated by the Chinese. Indeed, it is this geopolitical race for trading ties that is spurring India to make greater links with its neighbours. For instance, India is courting Myanmar to the east to develop port and intermodal links.   [17/02/14]

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