Indonesia court upholds ore shipment ban

Jakarta: Indonesia’s constitutional court has upheld the country’s ban on exports of raw mineral ores imposed in January, rejecting a challenge from mining companies.

The court ruled the prohibition was acceptable to ensure ore supplies to domestic smelters. The Indonesian Association of Mineral Entrepreneurs and companies with mining business licenses filed a request in January to seek revision of articles in the 2009 law that formed the legal basis of the ban.

President Joko Widodo reaffirmed his commitment to the ban last month.

According to Erry Sofyan, secretary general of the Association of Indonesia Bauxite and Iron Ore Producers, mining companies and their associations are still pursuing challenges to the ban through the Supreme Court.

“We believe the government can come up with a wise policy,” Sofyan said. “The law mandated the government must control output and exports and we’re ready to be their partner. Indonesia has abundant metal reserves and there’s no need for the government to worry. We’ll present more accurate data.” [04/12/14]

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