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Institute of Shipping Analysis: “Because strategy is a journey”


Göteborg: It’s 20 years since the Institute of Shipping Analysis (SAI) was founded in Sweden and the current difficulties facing the industry the institute is tasked with covering have rarely been tougher.
On the supply side, Lena Göthberg, secretary-general of SAI, tells Maritime CEO that shipping is still in “dire straits”.
“The only bright spots we have spotted so far,” she says, “are car carriers and product tankers.”
Göthberg says shipping is “in the middle of a paradigm shift, an alteration of generations and a crisis”, something she describes as “exciting”.
The SAI is a member owned organisation supporting its members with business intelligence and input for strategic decisions.
Since the institute was founded in Sweden, most of its members are Scandinavian, but it is becoming increasingly global in its membership.
“Shipping is global, and so are our reports,” stresses the secretary-general.
“There are so many things influencing our industry and it is vital to measure on the same transparent indicators constantly to be able to track trends,” Göthberg says, before memorably noting that: “Because strategy is a journey, executives need to study, understand, and internalise the economics, psychology, and laws of their industries, so that context can guide them continually.”  [28/05/13]

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