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Sydney: Shipowners perennially worry about the size of their telecoms bills at sea. While certain firms have made headway in creating online solutions for commercial shipping, options for operational management are limited. Australian company integrum Management Solutions is a software solution for integrated management systems, namely around QHSE, risk and compliance and operational management. Says ceo Beven Schwaiger, “When we show owners and operators how integrum works fully offline, has minimal admin maintenance and can be rapidly deployed, then we are seeing more enthusiastic uptake of our solution.
“Add to this better and more affordable internet connectivity across more regions of the globe then I see shipping embracing the power of the internet in the same way as other land based industries.”
Established in 1996, integrum is now used in over 40 countries with more than 100,000 licensed users.
The system in the one application provides all the configurable functions for incident management, action tracking, risk management, document management, legal and compliance management. training and competency assessment for employees and contractors, asset management, HR functions, and contains a full business intelligence (BI) system for reporting and dashboards. The BI system was added in the past 12 months
Most BI tools are an add on that are outside the application and interrogate central databases, but with integrumBI it is contained within the software application and allows all users to have their own dashboards, reports and to cut, slice and dice any data, not only data contained or captured within integrum but from any other source. “This is a game-changer as now companies and users can analyse any data they are capturing, for example operational and financial data and bring it into integrum, for analysis and real time reporting,” claims Schwaiger.
Other new inititatives are in the area of mobility, by introducing offline apps for iOS and Android for incident capture, investigation, inspections, audits, and BI reporting.
One of the key advantages of integrum for the shipping and offshore sector is that integrum operates fully off-line with very fast replication between devices and servers when connectivity is available.
“This is ideal,” says Schwaiger, “for ships with limited connectivity so that all operational management can occur on the vessel and depending upon communications synchronises with other vessels and land based offices with short connection times.”  [22/10/13]

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