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Intent Communications: Shipping and messaging

Having spent 17 years in maritime journalism writing for many of the world’s best known titles, Namrata Nadkarni has decided to pursue her own project, launching Intent Communications this year with a view to getting shipping better at being on message.

Rather than traditional PR, Intent offers bespoke content creation focused on thought-leadership for B2B clients. The company has set out to span brand identity, editorial content and events.

“We create and refine brand identity – from internal messaging all the way through to public engagement – so we can work with clients with established PR units or those just starting out,” Nadkarni explains.

As someone who has spent the best part of two decades evolving from a maritime journalist to the driving force behind marketing, events and branding, Nadkarni says she continues to see companies struggle to tie their work into the bigger maritime picture.

“Messaging is often reactive and crowbarred into existing branding, rather than being properly crafted as proactive thought leadership,” she tells Maritime CEO.

Intent Communications has positioned itself as a content consultancy that works hand-in-hand with customers to identify their unique brand identity, strengths and goals. The aim is to ensure cohesive messaging across an organisation’s different channels including sales, marketing and public interactions.

“I believe that the best way to increase meaningful audience engagement is to make information easy to digest and use multiple mediums to reinforce the message,” Nadkarni says.

The greater weight being given to value ethics, with companies expected to walk the talk when it comes to their environmental, social and governance (ESG) plans is an area where Nadkarni and her new company believe they can deliver.

“This is an area in which maritime doesn’t do a good enough job to promote itself,” Nadkarni says. “Many companies send out press releases about a new type of engine or hold an event about automation, but there are only a handful of companies that are doing this kind of brand positioning and reaping the rewards.”

Nadkarni believes that these so-called value systems should be part of all messaging that goes out by any company, which is why it is one of the first questions that she asks when Intent Communications performs a brand consultation.

“Having this messaging easily available not only marks you as an ideal partner for long term collaborations with partners that share your ethical stances, but it also creates nuance in product messaging and makes your brand more memorable,” she explains, adding: “And most importantly, it will help a company justify its price point so that this spend can be part of a virtuous circle.”

Part of Intent’s business is events focused, an area Nadkarni is determined to shake up with quality, original content.

“The similarity of events across the maritime sector is a pet-peeve of mine – and the issue is always low-hanging fruit in terms of content,” Nadkarni says, going on to relate to Maritime CEO the many, many times she’s been to events and heard the same presentation being given, usually to the same audience members.

The solution, according to the Intent boss, is picking topics that are really evolving – so that content can’t be recycled or used as a sales opportunity. The old adage that content is king is clearly something that holds true for Nadkarni and her new endeavour.


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