Interra drilling in Myanmar

Singapore: Interra Resources’s jointly controlled entity, Goldpetrol Joint Operating Company, has completed development well CHK 1191 in the Chauk oil field in Myanmar as an oil producer.

Interra has a 60% interest in the Improved Petroleum Recovery Contract of the Chauk field and also owns 60% of Goldpetrol which is the operator of the field. CHK1191 is being drilled using Goldpetrol’s ZJ 450 rig.

CHK 1191 was drilled to a total depth 3,650 ft in the North-Central fault block of Chauk field in a slightly up-dip position to CHK 1183 which was completed in April 2014 as an oil producer and with the primary objective of accelerating production from undrained portions of oil reservoirs in this fault block. Following production testing, CHK 1191 has been completed through casing perforations over 46 ft covering nine reservoirs for 20 barrels of oil per day.

CHK 1191 is the 17th well drilled in the Chauk oil field and 24th in Myanmar in 2014.  [19/08/14]

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