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Intership: Egypt optimist

Cairo: Plans to develop the banks of the Suez Canal into an economic corridor could transform the troubled nation, argues the ceo of one of Egypt’s best known maritime names in today’s Maritime CEO.
Aly Fahmy Hashish is the managing director of diverse maritime conglomerate Intership. Intership is best known for its agency and shipping logistics businesses.
Egypt is planning to transform the Suez Canal into an international maritime, logistics and industrial hub.
“This development project will secure substantial investment opportunities for companies from across the entire maritime value chain and from around the globe, and hence lots of job opportunities will be created,” says the Egyptian national. He admits that the past few years of political instability since the Arab Spring have been tough on the Egyptian economy, but a new constitution brought in this January has brought some stability, he says, and the canal development program could be a massive boon for the country.
The 190 km corridor project aims to turn the Suez Canal banks into a global economic zone, aiming to become a bridge between Asia and Africa.
Among its many roles Intership has taken on a professional advisory capacity for the Suez Canal development project providing potential investors with the advice they need.
“We are also quite ready to develop our shipping business partnerships and embrace more strategic alliances in the territory,” the young md says. [25/02/14]

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