Investigations continue into deadly collision


Jakarta: The crew of the IM Skaugen controlled Norgas Cathinka have been detained for questioning following the collision between the LPG carrier and a roro passenger ferry in the Sunda Strait early Wednesday which left eight people dead.
Data from the voyage data recorder on the tanker will be used to help determine how the incident happened.
Morits Skaugen, ceo of IM Skaugen, said in the most recent release related to the disaster: "Our sole aim here is to ensure that the absolute truth comes out about the events which led up to the accident on September 26.
"It is our firm intention to cooperate in every way we can with the on-going investigations in Indonesia. It is important the investigation is impartial and contains all the facts.
"I believe the outcome of the investigation will uncover the full truth of the incident and that our Master did everything he could under the circumstances after the incident."  [28/09/12]

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