Investigations continue into Indon tanker/ferry collision


Jakarta: Indonesian police officers have named the captain and the chief officer of chemical tanker Norgas Cathinka as suspects following its collision with an Indonesian ferry in the Sunda Strait that killed at least eight people on September 26. 
Captain Ernesto Lat, 53, a Filipino national, and chief officer Su Jibing, 38, a Chinese national, have been named suspects.
Data from the voyage data recorder from the tanker has been handed over to the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) as investigations continue.
Both ships hit each other on the bow and after the collision the ferry, KMP Bahuga Jaya, lost its stability and Norgas Carriers believes the evidence shows this probably caused it to sink with the tragic loss of several lives.
The Norgas Cathinka is anchored at Merak Roads, Indonesia and official investigations into the incident are continuing. The ship is in need of temporary repairs and the damages are preliminary assessed to be about US$250,000.
Norgas Carriers is a wholly owned subsidiary of I.M. Skaugen.
The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore will also launch an investigation. Norgas Carriers has also launched an independent investigation to be performed by TMC (Marine Consultants) in the UK.  [01/10/12]

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