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Issue Four of SinoShip magazine gears up

Dalian: Issue Four of SinoShip magazine is now being put together for distribution at the end of the month. Inside are the regular exclusive insights into the world’s most important shipping nation from our network of 12 correspondents across six cities in Greater China. Expect to read the latest on the economy, design breakthroughs at yards and profiles of leading Chinese shipowners.  Also in Issue Four are features on Ports, Insurance and Propulsion.


Ports: The growth story is not over at Chinese ports, far from it. What is happening now is the buildup of second tier ports along the coastline and up the Yangtze. SinoShip analyses the fastest growing emerging ports in the nation, plus gets exclusive access to the heads of many of the top port presidents in the country.


Insurance: China’s maritime insurance scene is changing dramatically with local firms becoming far more adept at offering sophisticated packages. Regulations for insurance are changing too, while international insurance companies have had to up their game and presence in the region to stay relevant.


Propulsion: China’s myriad engine manufacturers have had a mixed year as new ship orders have slowed. Nevertheless, they are climbing the technology ranks fast, especially in the world of green tech. SinoShip profiles all the leading Chinese names plus checks out what the big European brands are doing in China.


About SinoShip magazine

SinoShip is the first and only international print magazine dedicated to the China shipping and offshore industries. Part of Singapore-registered maritime media firm, ASM, SinoShip is published in dual language for both the local market to keep updated and for the international market to understand this giant of world shipping.

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