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Jinjiang Shipping blacklisted by Qingdao shipowners

Dalian: Shipping companies which offer services on the Sino-Japan route in Qingdao have made a joint announcement that they would no longer provide services to any customer (including shipping agents) who chooses to use Shanghai Jinjiang Shipping’s service. The Qingdao Shipowners’ Association also expressed its support on the decision.

Given the short distance between Qingdao and Japan, a large number of medium and small shipping companies have entered the market in recent years which caused severe overcapacity and vicious competition on the route. In order to solve the problem and build a healthy market, all shipping companies which serve the Sino-Japan route in Qingdao have established a committee under the leadership of the Qingdao Shipowners’ Association in 2010 and developed a market sharing system and transparent operating mode. However, the committee claimed that Jinjiang Shipping wouldn’t strictly follow the rules, which is hampering the healthy development of the market.

“The association absolutely doesn’t want to see shipping companies fighting each other, but Jinjiang Shipping should work together with shipping companies in Qingdao to build a sustainable, fair and stable market,” said Wang Junyao, vice president of Qingdao Shipowners’ Association. [24/04/13]

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