Keppel lands Chinese client for new rig type

Singapore: Keppel FELS has secured a contract from TS Offshore  to construct an ultra-high specification jackup rig worth about $500m.
Scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2017, it will be the first jackup built to Keppel’s new proprietary KFELS N Plus design.
With its leg measuring 678 ft or about 68 storeys tall, and a maximum combined drilling load of 3,860 kips, the KFELS N Plus can work at a maximum water depth of 500 ft, drill to depths of 35,000 ft, and is equipped with a 100 ft cantilever outreach.
When delivered, it is expected to be deployed in the Eastern China Sea but will also have provisions built in to enable the rig to operate in the North Sea.
Dr Xiong Shaohui, chairman of TS Offshore, said, “The KFELS N Plus rig is a robust and cost-efficient rig with distinctive safety and operational features. It is one of the world’s most advanced rigs of its class with better drilling capabilities, a superior cantilever load performance, a larger deck space, a higher variable load and enhanced accommodations. We are confident it fills the gap for ultra-high specification rigs needed in the Eastern China Sea or almost anywhere in the world with a need for high specification and deepwater jackup rigs. 
“We have chosen to build this unit in Singapore to meet specific customer requirements. Keppel FELS was probably the only yard able to provide us with such a high specification rig customised to our needs that would be well received by the market. With their strong delivery track record, we are also assured of receiving a high quality rig on time and in a safe manner, thus minimising any need for supervision during construction. Our strategic partnership with Keppel FELS will enable us to create value on our investments and grow our presence in this industry.”  [04/03/14]

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