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Korean Register: Towards a new breed of ships

Hyung-chul Lee, in charge of class society Korean Register since December 2019, is gearing up for a busy Posidonia next week with the Busan-headquartered firm readying a swathe of events, which will serve to showcase its expertise in shipping’s grand transition phase.

Lee has been with KR for the past 33 years, but it is the upcoming decade that he sees shipping entering its greatest period of change.

“This will be a transformation from traditional hull and machinery-oriented ships to future system-oriented ships,” Lee tells Maritime CEO. The advent of decarbonised and digital ships based on these new systems will require a transformation of existing ship safety systems, and classification societies’ roles and assignments ensuring the safety of ships will become bigger and more complex, Lee argues, warning that while the transition to a decarbonised and digital society brings clear positive results, it also raises “new uncertainties”.

“This is because the combination of different types of industries usually gives rise to a rapid increase in the complexity and ambiguity of technology,” Lee explains.

At Posidonia, expect to hear from KR about the International Maritime Organization’s many greenhouse gas regulations and the class society’s advances in virtual reality training.

As is common at the Greek mega shipping show, Lee anticipates a raft of newbuild orders will be unveiled. Indeed, the KR boss is convinced that despite busy shipyard orderbooks, there’s still a huge amount of orders in the offing as part of shipping’s green transition.

This will be a transformation from traditional hull and machinery-oriented ships to future system-oriented ships

“The strengthened environmental regulations to achieve carbon neutrality are promoting the shift to highly-efficient, eco-friendly ships. As a result, KR is anticipating an increase of newbuilding orders in the future and it is a surely good news for us,” Lee says.

Find out more about what one of South Korea’s most advanced team of maritime tech experts are up to at stand 3.401 at the Metropolitan Expo in Athens.


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