Launch of revolutionary cylinder oil


Singapore: Today sees the official global launch of Mobilgard 560 VS. The cylinder oil from ExxonMobil provides what the company describes as “outstanding” wear performance for slow speed engines at both high and low fuel sulphur levels.
Mobilgard 560 VS is designed to provide protection at fuel sulphur levels as low as 0.5% and up to 4%, helping ship operators overcome the challenges of changing regulations and varying fuel sulphur levels, giving a single solution to fleets operating in and out of ECAs.
Iain White, field marketing manager ExxonMobil Marine Lubricants, told SeaShip News the new oil was developed to replace two cylindrical oils. “Shipowners will have to change fuel oil at ECAs more and more in the future, but they do not want to change lubes too. This new product meets this demand.”  [01/12/12]

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