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LGR di Navigazione: Tanker switch

Naples: Following the sale of four modern gas carriers to the Rotterdam-based shipping company Anthony Veder, LGR di Navigazione intends to strategically refocus on medium range tankers. Carlo Pontecorvo, the Italian shipowner at the helm of LGR, confirms that the four vessels Castel Dell’Ovo, Castello Di Gradara, Castel Nuovo and Castel Sant’Elmo will be delivered in the coming months to the new owner and explains: “The reason why we decided to sell these four ships is because LGR has decided to concentrate on the tankers market for the future. Our fleet from now on can already rely on four modern medium range tankers.” These vessels named Cenito, Posillipo, Miseno and Nisido (two of them rumoured to be prompt for sale too) are aged from 2009 to 2012 and have a cargo capacity between 50,800 and 53,000 dwt. The Italian shipowner’s philosophy is that “everything might be for sale at the right price”.

Looking at today’s market, Pontecorvo emphasizes: “The gas shipping market nowadays is concentrated in few companies’ hands and we had no possibility to enter in a partnership or join some of them. A long standing business relation with Anthony Veder shipping company has been existing and therefore closing the last deal was an easy way out for both the partners.”

LGR di Navigazione’s headquarters is in Naples where also the technical department is operative, while the commercial management offices are located in Denmark, close to its Danish main partner Torm.

Pontecorvo anyway appears to be in the mood to persevere and fight his way through the current shipping crisis. “We are actively involved in the medium range tankers shipping industry from 2000 and this business segment foresees a more promising scenario for near future,” he tells Maritime CEO, adding: “In case of interesting opportunities, LGR will be obviously prepared to undertake new investments in ships.”

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