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Livestock carrier sinks in Gulf of Aden

Dubai: A livestock carrier has sunk off the coast of the Gulf of Aden with all animals perishing and two of the 29 crew still missing.

The more than 30-year-old ship was en route from Somlia to the United Arab Emirates when it sank in rough seas. It was believed to be carrying more than 3,000 animals. A nearby vessel was able to rescue 29 crewmembers and the search for the missing two seafarers is ongoing.

Livestock is Somalia’s biggest contributor to its national gross domestic product, accounting for around 40% of GDP. The majority of the livestock heads for Middle Eastern markets.

Sam Chambers

Starting out with the Informa Group in 2000 in Hong Kong, Sam Chambers became editor of Maritime Asia magazine as well as East Asia Editor for the world’s oldest newspaper, Lloyd’s List. In 2005 he pursued a freelance career and wrote for a variety of titles including taking on the role of Asia Editor at Seatrade magazine and China correspondent for Supply Chain Asia. His work has also appeared in The Economist, The New York Times, The Sunday Times and The International Herald Tribune.


  1. May God look after the animals. Better they drown than suffer and die a merciless death at the hands of the Middle Easterners.

    Shameful bloody vile trade in animal souls.

    1. This has to stop. Live transport, to me, is a misnomer. To me these animals are not alive. They even watch their weight. Can’t lose money now. If animal is sick or badly injured, they humanely put them to sleep then heaved over the side. I would bet money these animals are alive when they go over. Fodder for these goofs to laugh at. After all, who the hell will stand up for the animals. Ur on an ocean, crew and animals that’s it……….. I saw a video where the animals made it to their destination and those fuckingbastards had a cow that could not stand. They beat her beyond and her cries made me cry. They took a tractor to poke her with the long tines to move her. She was so scared. Then they stabbed her with a pitch fork way, way too many times. Then when she was down those fucking assholes took a knife and stabbed her in the eyes(plural). Then saw doc about how wonderful live transport is. DON’T BELIEVE it. It is a bold faced lie. They treat those animals with torture and god only knows what.

    2. Harry Obviously you don’t like animals, drowning is the worse death not to mention the age of the vessel.
      By the way I am sure animals in the Middle East cat treated better than some crazy places in the world.
      I was also narrow minded and believed what I read and saw on TV about the Middle East.
      I don’t regret living here, and the real live here is not what google, your paper or TV channel tell you !

  2. Harry,

    Thanks for your good works.

    It is sad to hear. I built 2 life stock carriers and know how strict are rules to carry on animals.


    1. Dear Mr. Mirko:
      Glad to know you built 02 livestock carriers as understood from your reply. I operated IMO 8110239 in recent years and need a builder advice on how to properly take over her handling again, as I have been offered. I will appreciate your reply, rgds LOGISTIKA TSM management@logistika.com.ve

  3. That is shocking news..all those beautiful innocent souls lost what an awful fate for them..Humans are the most disgusting specie ever created its all about money and the innocent who have no say of their lives..at all ..RIP precious innocent souls..
    I will never stop fighting for your rights

  4. Diabolical cruelty is the norm on land and sea. Too horrific to bear imagining, so people don’t bother — just keep chomping away on animal flesh. But this is the unspeakable suffering in which an exploded world population of meat eaters is complicit — genocidal cruelty of unthinkable proportion and intensity. We all have a choice — to be part of it or not. Free range my ass! Veganism Is The Future. Much easier and more delicious/healthy than anyone ever imagines…

  5. And the media says NOTHING! Global media and public media are as corrupt in the US and bias to animal issues as anywhere. NPR has global correspondents and hardly a mention of these moral issues that measure humanity’s ethical behavior… PLEASE NPR, take animal issues like this out of the closet as you claim to be independent, unbiased, and report on important issues. Animals are the MOST important issue of our world since what we do to them reflects our morality. The heartlessness required to do this to animals clearly transcends into how humans treat other humans. http://www.powerfulbook.com examines this thoroughly.

  6. So…if they recovered the livestock, would they have to list “added water” to the packaging label?

  7. Its sad that all that food is lost, it could cause a price increase across the board, it takes feed to raise the animal, the cost of the carrier, im guessing insurance rates could go up, less meat on the market, plus the cost of loosing the meat, i bet that could have fed alot of people, please remember, our way killing animals, if you want to call it that, for food is much more humane than what would be done in the wild, also, animals that are raised are better kept they have to be fed so they get bigger not go for long periods without eating like they do in the wild, they dont have to hunt or compete for food, humans are naturally hunters, our eyes are on the front of our faces, like all hunters, and the hunted have eyes on the sides. The reason is hunters have to be able to stay focused on the prey, the preyed upon need to see whats going on all around for defence, man got smart and domesticated prey, makes it so much easier for our smart brains to get smarter

  8. All live animal export should be banned worldwide it is unnecessary and inhumane ! Animals suffer extreme distress during the transportation and are treated as though they have no feeling of pain or trauma and then slaughtered in the most horrific of ways this is CRUEL and Horrific BAN LIVE EXPORT

  9. Please can the news reporter publish more details on the types of livestock on board? This happened on Sunday the 12th of July I see.


    1. ignorance kills animals patterson..and Linda..media doesnt cover the horrific acts on animals as it is a big mafia biz like horses going to sushi tongues on rice. do u think horse genocide will stop? we have been fighting for yrs and the media asks the criminal blm for answers instead of us. thats why these things must be shared with reps we need to evolve. if you can report this to media pls do i try but i cannot seem to copy and paste. pls call the whitehouse and tell them of this waste and how illegal it really is!! 202 225 3121 calls are logged

  10. So…what do they do with all the manure and urine from the animals? I am sure it is loaded with growth hormones, antibiotics, and all kinds of other things that are bad for the environment. If no one cares about what these animals go through – abuse by their keepers, overcrowded feed lot conditions standing in their own fly-infested manure, fed accelerated growth hormones and high grain to make them fat that destroys their liver, they and their surroundings sprayed with highly toxic poisons to keep the flies down, the milk producing animals have their babies taken away right after birth and thrown in the trash as the mamas try to follow the wheelbarrows and trailers full of babies, with them crying to each other. Then we ship them crowded like sardines with all the offal from the animals above pouring down on the lower levels (I can only imagine what the lower levels look like) and in trucks packed full two levels in the hot hot sun or the freezing sub zero weather, hail, and rain. Yep, S. Patterson, it’s such a more wonderful life at the hands of humans than in the wild NOT! Besides, no such thing as cows and sheep in the wild, unless from all the overbreeding they have escaped. Global warming? Our penchant for meat contributes highly to global warming. When butchered and skinned, the carcasses are washed with chemicals. And we wonder why cancer is on the rise.

  11. Those poor miserable innocent animals….a ‘no win’ situation for them either way  

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