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LNG retrofits for N-KOM

Dubai: Qatar shipyard Nakilat-Keppel Offshore Marine has inked a milestone agreement with HeLenGi Engineering for the retrofit of Greek ferries as part of the Poseidon-Med project.

HeLeNGi Engineering is a leading company providing expertise, technology and production techniques to satisfy a diverse range of applications for the use of liquefied gas.

Poseidon-Med is the first LNG bunkering project in the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea led and coordinated by QEnergy Europe. The Posideon-Med’s ultimate aim is to prepare in detail a comprehensive implementation plan for LNG bunkering, so that LNG can be widely adopted as marine fuel for shipping operations.

“N-KOM has rapidly established a name for itself in the gas carrier repair market with its strong track record of safe, quality and timely deliveries. The landmark agreement signed at Posidonia not only signifies our growing reputation in the important Greek shipping industry but also serves to further strengthen our position as the preferred gas solutions provider internationally," said Albert Kee, general manager at N-KOM.  [03/07/14]

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