Maersk Oil signs new contracts in Qatar

Doha: Under the patronage and presence of Mohammed Saleh Abdulla Al Sada, Minister of Industry and Energy of Qatar, and the chairman of the board of Qatar Petroleum, Maersk Oil Qatar signed two new contracts. The first is for providing drilling services for two years, by using a new offshore drilling platform, a B-341 model, and another platform on charter for three years, to work in the Shaheen offshore field operations.  The two contracts together are expected to be worth more than 750m Qatari riyals.

These two contracts come as an implementation to an earlier agreement this year between Maersk Oil Qatar and Gulf Drilling International. The two companies in February signed a contract to provide drilling and workover services, by using the offshore drilling platform Jasra. The value of the overall signed contracts between the two sides has become 1.56bn Qatari riyals.  [06/10/13]

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