Maersk scouts gaming society for fresh talent

A.P. Moller – Maersk is looking to diversify its talent pool by hiring more gamers to help the company accelerate its digital transformation efforts.

Angel Donchev, tech lead at the world’s second-largest liner, recently attended an esports event in Copenhagen to promote Maersk’s job openings to gaming enthusiasts. 

Donchev, who started his career in gaming, argued that as technology becomes more and more important, gamers possess in-demand skills that can be applied in the workplace.

“I think it (gaming) develops skills that are very important in today’s society and to be successful at work. So, for example, people underestimated what it takes and what kind of qualities it develops, and most are parents. I’m a father of two, so I can say that I don’t always look at it positively, but having the persistence to practice day after day to become good at something is a skill that’s required,” said Donchev, in a video published on Maersk’s social media.

He also mentioned that gamers’ ability to process large amounts of data can be useful. “Games can be quite overwhelming in terms of information. What is required for you to coordinate different information to take rapid decisions. And in today’s world, where there is so much information and so much noise, it becomes essential for you to distinguish the signal from the noise to make the right decision. So we are absolutely looking for more gamers to join Maersk,” added Donchev.

Maersk has been involved in gaming by sponsoring global esports tournament organiser BLAST Premier and in one of its job postings for a remote crane controller, among other things, “previous experience as a professional video gamer or (former/current) member of a professional gaming organisation is a plus”.

Commenting via LinkedIn, Kristian Ohrt Dam-Bori, senior software engineer at Maersk, said that in service delivery, many employees were also gamers and that there was “definitely a big overlap between gaming and analysing problems and coming up with solutions, regardless of what role you have.”

Adis Ajdin

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