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Maktec Marine: The case for HydroDiesel

Maktec Marine is a UK-based company which improves performance, rebuilds and repairs diesel engines.

“Maktec is focused on changing how shipping uses and abuses the environment as we recognise continued levels of pollution are harmful for all of us and future generations,” says the company’s owner and technical director, Mark Cornforth.

Maktec is now a global dealer for HydroDiesel, a fuel which if put it into any diesel engine without modification has a drastic effect on reducing NOx and particulate matter immediately. Further supporting Maktec’s green credentials it acts as agents for other environmental oils and greases.

Cornforth says his clients, shipowners from around the world, remain cautious about investing in technology such as catalysts, EGR or water vapor systems.

“Customers want solutions which are cost effective and available now and they still question that catalysts and these other technologies are expensive to buy and fit but still polluting,” he tells Maritime CEO.

Although Maktec caters for all engine sizes its main focus is on smaller four-stroke variants using distillate fuels with its product HydroDiesel as this reduces emissions without changes to existing equipment.

Cornforth argues that owners have a responsibility to act now to cut their carbon footprint rather than waiting years for some silver bullet solution on emissions that has yet to be invented.

“We recognise changes must be made for all diesel engine types using distillate fuels not just marine, but in essence incremental steps are the way forward using existing machinery in an efficient manner until more sustainable fuels or systems are found which offer a reliable and stable power source,” Cornforth says, adding: “These are certainly looming and we welcome them but if we wait two or more years we have polluted the atmosphere during that period and that shouldn’t be allowed.”

Cornforth believes the industry feels hemmed in to limited emission cutting options which are driven at them as the only solutions.

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