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Marine Contracting: Revenue target set

Singapore: Marine Contracting, founded in 2013, is a subsidiary of Global Maritime, a global offshore marine consultancy firm. Marine Contracting, headquartered in Singapore, is involved in offshore engineering, transportation and installation.
Its ceo, Wolfgang Wandl, says despite its young age, the company has very ambitious financial targets, aiming for annual revenues of EUR200m, something he says can be obtained through “ingenuity and cost-effective solutions”.
“We have defined our vision to be the preferred employer which in return will attract the most talented colleagues that will help us with further expansion,” Wandl says.
Part of its business model is to be asset light, and thus nimble. “By not owning our own assets such as vessels, the company has the flexibility to charter vessels that are readily available and suitable to execute projects with minimal risk of delay, which can often be caused by preceding projects performance,” Wandl explains.
Marine Contracting has recently set up in Perth to go alongside its existing presence in Singapore, the UK, the UAE, the US and Norway. “We see Perth as one of the key target areas for world O&G activities,” Wandl says. [26/11/14]

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