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MarineTraffic: The case for open data

London: “Open data and transparency can eventually contribute positively to the overall competitiveness of the industry, improving efficiency considerably in a number of different areas,” says Demitris Memos, managing director of AIS vessel traffic system MarineTraffic. He also believes blending different datasets can lead to innovative services with exceptional value.

Memos says his company is focusing now on exposing more of its data to its customers, providing actionable intelligence that supports their decision making process.

“Our vision,” Memos says, “is to bring positive change to the shipping industry in terms of efficiency and transparency.”

The next major project in the pipeline is to offer route forecasting.


  1. Interesting and timely. I am curious if MarineTraffic, or others, have ways to do with failures of human entered data. For example, the draft of a vessel is an AIS item, but is notoriously not updated on each voyage. Yet draft plays an important role in ongoing big data fleet analytics that I am aware of. Hoping for some views on this issue.

  2. I believe MarineTraffic have recently launched a new Notifications service — perhaps draft is carried with this new service

  3. If one knows the trade routes of cargoes/vessels then perhaps the requirement to know the draft of a vessel isn’t as important.??! Easier, I know, for larger dry bulk vessels. For sure it does get more tricky for the smaller vessel sizes but maybe not insurmountable?? What do you think?

  4. @Barry Sure, indeed, the draft is a very important metric when it comes to deducing cargo movements. At MarineTraffic we are researching ways to automatically validate/predict whether a vessel is loaded or in ballast, in conjunction to Port Call monitoring that we are already doing.

    @Sam you are right, we recently launched a new set of Notifications, and they indeed include a Draught Changed notification that notifies maritime professionals when there is a Draught change by a predefined value. Find more information here:

    @Barry, @Simon and @Sam if you are interested in the topic (Big Data and Data Analysis) Marinetraffic is organizing a seminar @Nor-Shipping 2015 on the theme of “Data Analysis for Competitive Advantage” . It could be a nice opportunity to share our thoughts and views on the subject. You can find more information here:

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