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Maritime CEO Rich List 2014

Singapore: Maritime CEO has teamed up with UK ship pricing system to bring readers an exclusive insight into the world’s 50 richest owners by tonnage owned.
Timed to coincide with the greatest shipowner gathering of them all, Posidonia, we have launched this issue our annual roll call of the world’s wealthiest shipowners in terms of ships owned.
The maritime media is awash with subjective lists of who is more powerful than others, which more often than not exposes a title’s ignorance more than anything else. What we have set out do is to publish an annual objective list that lays out owners by fleet value and shows readers what each company owns.
Readers can find out about the leading global fleets with details on value and size, broken down into ships afloat and on order. What’s more, this is just a start. While this inaugural list is derived from five sectors that currently tracks, going forward the data will become richer.
Richard Rivlin, CEO of, says the online ship pricing site will add offshore, car carriers and reefers by the end of the year.
The whole magazine, including the Rich List, can be accessed free online here.   [23/05/14]

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