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Marlink: Ships are becoming ‘branch offices’

Lysaker: Ships today are becoming “branch offices” that require reliable, always available communications, says Tore Morten Olsen, president of maritime at satcomms specialist Marlink, in today’s Maritime CEO interview.

Olsen reckons there is an evolution going on in several areas of maritime communications at the moment. On the space segment, services using High Throughput Satellites (HTS) are entering the market. HTS introduces more bandwidth to the maritime segment and can lower the cost per MB because of this. The extra bandwidth will also support congested geopgraphical areas. However, current bandwidth needs are mostly covered and generally, requirements can be accommodated with connectivity services already in place.

Right now for the end user, the evolution is around IT solutions, Olsen says, that enable cost savings, crew satisfaction, more safety and new applications.

Cyber security is also evolving, Olsen says, to meet the modern day threat.

“Take for instance the problem of ‘ransomware’, that can essentially lock down a vessel or entire company’s IT network,” Olsen says. “Marlink offers multi-layered cyber security solutions to protect from ransomware and other attack vectors, from firewalls at our teleports and o board, through to content filtering and email scanning.”




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