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MAST: Piracy and the threat of complacency

Valletta: Even though the threat of piracy globally has been on the wane for the past couple of years, there is no room complacency, says Phil Cable, ceo of security firm, MAST.

While crime in the marine environment has persisted for centuries and taken various turns, shipowners must accept that their safety and security will not be guaranteed by Flag States or international bodies such as the United Nations or EUNAVFOR, Cable says.

“In many respects aside from the actual threat that persists, an equal threat is complacency,” Cable says, comparing it to lifeboats. “There is no call to reduce lifeboats on ships even though statistically ships are far safer. Therefore, reducing security should be a measured approach if at all,” he insists.

“Security risks are becoming a more inherent part of a shipowner’s standard risk management portfolio,” Cable says. Newer challenges include the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean and continued prevalence of stowaways.

Piracy is something that has been suppressed in many areas, not eradicated, Cable maintains.

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