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Metis Cyberspace Technology: Fragmented solutions hindering tech take-up

Shipping finally has a number of companies with forward-thinking managerial teams who believe that the only way to be competitive is to be technologically ahead. The problem for these pioneers is that often the solutions they seek are far too fragmented. That’s the view of Mike Konstantinidis, ceo of Greek firm Metis Cyberspace Technology.

Founded last year, Metis stands for Maritime Efficiency Through Intelligent Systems. It incorporates data acquisition combined with qualitative/quantitative analysis supported by artificial intelligence.

Konstantinidis believes that with communications technology improving so rapidly lately, shipping is ready for a big technological leap.

“Today, more than ever, all the conditions are ideal for the successful implementation of information intelligence to address the specific requirements of global maritime,” Konstantinidis reckons.

The major challenge for the development of smart shipping, according to Konstantinidis, are the scant comprehensive solutions at the disposal of the industry.

“Fragmented tools, covering partly the whole problem are not helpful in the long-term,” he says, citing as an example the vast array of “partial solutions” to address main engines, hull performance or energy efficiency.

Nevertheless, Konstantinidis is adamant that technological revolution is on its way for shipping.
“The next generation systems,” he predicts, “will take over the tedious, time-consuming procedures and actions that require high expertise and special training, ensuring more productive time for the personnel of maritime companies.”


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