Nantong Mingde optimises product portfolio

Hamburg: Fresh from having concluded labour discussions with disgruntled employees over pay Nantong Mingde Heavy Industry is optimising its product portfolio in order to deal with the downturn in the shipbuilding industry.

“We have already built two 30,000 dwt chemical tankers. Currently we are cooperating with an American company to develop a more stable and energy efficient design for a 33,000dwt stainless chemical tanker,” an official from Mingde told SinoShip News at SMM.

“Now we are actively promoting the new chemical tanker design, but given the market situation, we might need to take more time to launch it,” the official continued.

"At present, the orders on hand could keep us in for another year, but we are eager to get more orders as we haven’t received any this year," the official said.  [05/09/12]

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