Maritime CEO

NASCO: Egypt “safe and stable”

Cairo: Egyptian authorities have done a good job securing the nation’s ports and the key Suez Canal – and, as such, Egypt’s maritime infrastructure should be viewed as very safe, argues Eng. Adel Dawoud, ceo of local offshore services firm NASCO in today’s Maritime CEO.
“In our business field there is no instability as the region which we are working in, the ports and the Suez Canal, are too secured and made safe by the Egyptian authorities,” Dawoud says, stressing: “It’s safe and stable.”
The viewpoint comes against a political backdrop of a nation in strife following the ousting of the democratically elected Mohamad Morsi this summer, which has since created a huge backlash in the country. Moreover, a giant Cosco containership transiting the Suez Canal was targeted by terrorists a few months ago.
NASCO services petroleum-related companies both on-and offshore supplying all the materials needed for exploration and production of oil and natural gas. Also it provides all the marine services like food and beverage, hull & machinery, as well as making all the necessary documentation for any vessel passing through the Suez Canal and berthing in any Egyptian ports. NASCO also acts as an owner representative.  [26/11/13]

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