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Navico: Bridging the gap

Egersund: Bridge equipment manufacturer Navico, best known for its recreational marine products, is fast making a name on the commercial marine side. Indeed, the goal is have 50% of revenues from the commercial side going forward, up from the current 25%. Jose Herrero, managing director of Navico’s commercial marine division, tells Maritime CEO his division is on for a record year this year.

Another aim is for the company to be able to provide every aspect of bridge equipment soon. Today, it can supply approximately 70% of a bridge.
“We will have a fully integrated bridge soon,” Herrero says. The company tends to work through integrators.

Yesterday Navico’s brand, Simrad, launched a new radar control. The R3016 comes with an integrated 16-inch widescreen display, compatible with a range of Simrad radar solutions. Herrero is adamant the new invention will be a big seller.

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