New leak detected in Nord Stream gas pipelines

Another leak has been revealed on the Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea, making it the fourth discovered this week, with sabotage widely suspected.

Sweden’s coast guard said it had detected a second gas leak in the Swedish economic zone on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, close to a larger leak found earlier on Nord Stream 1.

Two other leaks on the pipelines that run from Russia to Germany were also reported in Danish waters earlier this week.

The distance between the two Swedish discharges is about one nautical mile, which corresponds to just over 1.8 km, the coast guard said.

European leaders and experts have raised the possibility of sabotage amid the energy standoff with Russia caused by the Ukraine conflict. Russia dismissed suggestions that it had attacked its own pipelines.

Neither of the pipelines were in use at the time of the suspected explosions, but they were still filled with gas that has been spewing out and bubbling to the surface since Monday when the first leak was detected on Nord Stream 2, about 23km southeast of Denmark’s Bornholm Island. Two more leaks were reported on Nord Stream 1 on Tuesday.

Adis Ajdin

Adis is an experienced news reporter with a background in finance, media and education. He has written across the spectrum of offshore energy and ocean industries for many years and is a member of International Federation of Journalists. Previously he had written for Navingo media group titles including Offshore Energy, Subsea World News and Marine Energy.
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