NGO Shipbreaking Platform targets Italian owners

NGO Shipbreaking Platform, a global coalition of 19 environmental, human rights and labour rights organisations working to end polluting and dangerous shipbreaking, has denounced Italian shipping companies Grimaldi Group, Ignazio Messina and Vittorio Bogazzi & Figli for their poor shipbreaking practices and called upon them to take necessary actions to adopt sustainable recycling of their fleet.

The Platform has sent letters to the three Italian shipowners and the Italian Shipowners’ Association, inviting them to initiate a constructive dialogue with the NGO.

NGO Shipbreaking Platform emphasizes that whilst an increasing number of shipowners do not want to be associated with dangerous and polluting practices, Grimaldi Group, Ignazio Messina and Vittorio Bogazzi & Figli have continued to sell their vessels to shipbreaking yards that are globally acknowledged as not respecting basic human rights and environmental protection standards. According to data collected by the entity, since 2009 the three Italian companies have sold fifty-four ships to South Asian beaching yards for substandard breaking.

Naples based Grimaldi Group has reacted to the Platform’s letter and acknowledged the importance of proper ship recycling. Thanking the Platform for having brought this issue to their attention, Grimaldi Group further states that they remain open to initiating a dialogue with the Platform with the aim of finding sustainable solutions for their end-of-life fleet.


Nicola Capuzzo

Nicola is a highly qualified journalist focused on transport economics, logistics and shipping with broad experience in both online and printed media. Specialties: shipping, ship finance, banking, commodities and port economics. He regularly interviews Europe's top shipowner executives for Maritime CEO magazine.
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