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Ningbo authorities work to solve trucking issue

Shanghai: The Ningbo government organised a meeting regarding the ongoing trucking fleet strike yesterday afternoon in order to try and normalize the container operations at the port.

At the meeting, Ningbo Port Association, Ningbo Transport Association and Ningbo International Freight Forwarders Association have all agreed to a new guidance on container trucking rates which has increased the current rate by 12%. This is reportedly the first rate rise for eight years.

The government has called all the related companies to comply with the new rate and help normalize operations in Ningbo port.

An official from a local freight forwarder told SinoShip News that most of the freight forwarders in Ningbo have stopped taking new container shipping business this week, and the authorities are negotiating with the truck drivers. He said the strike seems to have eased up a little today and hopefully the issue can be solved during the weekend.

A spokesperson from Ningbo Port said the authorities are working on the matter.

The protesters have intimated that the strike will continue throughout the weekend. Local warehouses are full to overflowing, another freight forwarder said. The strike, which started on Monday, turned violent yesterday.  [22/08/14]


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