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Ningbo port gets back to work as truckers strike dissipates

Shanghai: The strike brought by truck drivers at the port city of Ningbo which brought considerable disruption to local supply chains is over.

The majority of the striking truckers, demanding better pay, came from smaller, independent trucking firms. The majority of the large trucking firms did not go on strike, local freight forwarders told SinoShip News. Nevertheless, SinoShip News understands that a number of ships were delayed in their departure in the past couple of days. 

In total around 200 truck drivers went on strike on Monday. Lin Xiaofeng, an official at Ningbo Container Transport Association, explained to the truck owners that Ningbo Transportation Association has already made a new trucking rate, which increased the current rate by 12%, and planned to announce it on August 22.  [20/08/14]



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