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Nobu Su registers patents for marine mobile network system

Hong Kong: Nobu Su, the chairman of TMT, has registered three patents regarding the invention of a mobile network for remote service areas using mobile stations.

Ocean net, introduced by Su, enables the transmission and reception of data via an offshore mobile communications network. Since 2000,Su has sought to provide an efficient, cost-effective solution for ship crews to communicate with other vessels as well as contact family and friends.  With this technology, vessels can form a mutual offshore communications network without the need for expensive satellite communications.

"The need for effective and stable communications in the shipping industry cannot be overemphasized," Su said, "While the main objective of my system is to allow ship crews and their loved ones to maintain contact, it can just as well be used to transmit critical information, such as the latest weather conditions or the location of a stranded vessel.” [31/12/14]


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