NY State funding data collection to advance offshore wind development in New York Bight

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is making available nearly $1.3m to support the collection of data through acoustic and oceanographic surveys in the New York Bight Wind Energy Areas (WEAs). The data is intended to enable the responsible development of offshore wind by improving marine environmental understanding, reducing environmental risks and helping to inform planning for future development.

Through a competitive solicitation, NYSERDA will identify contractors to develop the acoustic and oceanographic surveys to collect and analyze field data and conduct site assessment work in the WEAs. The survey data will help for better understanding of marine mammal presence, habitat use, distribution and seasonal movement, as well as the oceanographic characteristics associated with marine wildlife and the New York Bight’s Cold Pool, a layer of cold water that forms annually and is vital to the life cycle of many marine species, including commercial fisheries.

These surveys will provide critical information to developers, regulators and stakeholders to reduce project risk, help inform construction windows and permits, and accelerate project timelines.

The surveys will commence in 2022, with the data expected to be made publicly available in 2023 through a platform to be identified by the winning proposer(s). The deadline to apply is January 10 at 3:00 pm ET.

Kim Biggar

Kim Biggar started writing in the supply chain sector in 2000, when she joined the Canadian Association of Supply Chain & Logistics Management. In 2004/2005, she was project manager for the Government of Canada-funded Canadian Logistics Skills Committee, which led to her 13-year role as communications manager of the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council. A longtime freelance writer, Kim has contributed to publications including The Forwarder, 3PL Americas, The Shipper Advocate and Supply Chain Canada.
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