NYK deploys AI platform to aid fleet maintenance

Wärtsilä’s remote monitoring systems with each voyage providing additional data to the artificial intelligence-based products the company offers are set to enter a new use.

Japanese shipping giant Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) and subsidiary Monohakobi Technology Institute (MTI) have announced that they are evaluating Wärtsilä’s Expert Insight predictive maintenance service as part of a pilot programme. NYK plans to adopt the platform throughout its entire fleet.

Expert Insight is a service platform that leverages AI and advanced diagnostics to monitor equipment and systems in real-time, spot system and equipment anomalies and potential problems, and enable rapid reactions. Should anomalous behaviour be detected, it is flagged to specialists at Wärtsilä expertise centres, allowing them to support the customer. Repair teams can be alerted and sent onboard or they can be waiting at the next port of call.

Shogo Yamada, manager, marine group at NYK, commented: “By leveraging big data and artificial intelligence, the maritime industry can greatly increase its efficiency, safety, and competitiveness, and we are keen to take advantage of this wherever possible.”

Andrew Cox

During the 1990s, Dr Andrew Cox was the editor of UK Coal Review and was a regular writer and commentator on the international coal trade and related infrastructure developments. Post-2000, he has been a freelance writer, CPD trainer and project consultant. He focuses on developments in the energy, chemicals, shipping and port sectors.
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