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OpenSea: Shipping’s Uber moment?

Vasiliy Kotylevskiy, the founder of online chartering tool, has been busy adding new features to the site he launched two years ago.

The most important new feature is open enquiry search. It allows users to go beyond existing simple and smart filters, to create a unique inquiry and to find something special such as part cargoes.

Another “cool feature”, according to Kotylevskiy, is viewing and comparing actual positions in a table form. It allows users to browse actual positions in a particular region, port or the entire world. It also serves as a place to compare starred findings; they are always on top of the list.

“Even a short look gives enough information to understand with whom you should get in touch immediately,” Kotylevskiy claims.

Looking at the markets via data from OpenSea, Kotylevskiy observes a huge misbalance in the dry bulk sector.

“Owners and brokers are most active in this stressed market,” he says, adding: “The current situation pushes shipowners to search for any new sources of clients and cargoes. And is the best solution for that.”

Kotylevskiy believes shipping is ripe for its Uber moment – creating a model that “gives equal tools to all participants – including shipbrokers, opening horizons and improving the overall transparency of the freight market”. This in turn should help to achieve new level of economic efficiency in the industry, he argues.

OpenSea has attracted interest from venture capitalists, with discussions still ongoing.

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