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Operations still halted at Aqaba Container Terminal, dispute continues

Amman: Operations at Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) have been halted since a dispute arose on the morning of December 1 and have yet to resume.

A dispute arose on Monday between the terminal’s management and workers over a new shift pattern that would reduce employees’ working hours and income.

ACT has not given a specific details about when the terminal will return to normal operation, but says on its website: “The company has already engaged support from qualified and experienced operators and new employees are under recruitment.”

Replacement operations staff have reportedly been brought in from Asia to man the terminal while the dispute continues.

Tear gas was reportedly used by Jordan’s gendarmerie forces to disperse Jordanian workers tried to prevent replacement staff brought in from Asia from entering the terminal.

“A significant number of employees in the company are working, with many departments having high compliance levels with the new shift system. Unfortunately a group of Operations employees whom are not compliant with the new shift system and Court Ruling have disrupted operations,” ACT said today. [4/12.14]



Dispute halts Aqaba Container Terminal, tear gas used

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