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Petrodive: Offshore wind expansion

Dubai-based subsea service provider Petrodive is gearing up for a next round expansion to grab the opportunities from the emerging offshore wind industry.

The company offers three main services including subsea services, marine services and IRM services, serving clients mostly in Africa and South America.

The company currently owns three ROVs and according to Stephane Trote, CEO and owner of Petrodive, the company plans to own a new diving support vessel catamaran in the near future for operations in Africa.

Trote is optimistic about the company’s business as he sees many opportunities all across the subsea supply chains in the booming offshore wind industry.

“Petrodive plans to develop the expertise in supporting the development of offshore wind farms,” Trote says.

The next step for Petrodive is to expand operations into South America to increase its entire capacity across the region, Trote reveals. The company has already set up in Trinidad and Tobago in 2018.

“With access to highly trained, experienced air and mixed gas divers, and self-sufficient dive support vessels with hyperbaric medical facilities. Petrodive is capable of undertaking a comprehensive range of subsea activities that support offshore wind operations across the Africa and the Caribbean,” Trote says.

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