Philippines’ bunkering hub forced to relocate

Manila: Ships calling the Philippines in need of bunkers will have to look for new sources come the middle of next year. A long running campaign to shift an old, crumbling oil complex from a crowded part of Manila has succeeded with authorities demanding that all oil companies move out of the 30 ha Pandacan oil depot by July 15 next year. The facility has had many leaks and explosions over the years and is located in a densely populated urban area.

The Pandacan oil depot supplies roughly 50% of the country’s total fuel demand and 100% of the transport and industrial sector’s lubricants.

The Pandacan oil depot, which also serves 70% of the shipping industry’s fuel needs and 75% of the region’s aviation fuel requirements, has been an industrial zone for 90 years.

An alternate bunkering hub controlled by San Miguel Corp and Petron is likely to become more prominent next year at Manila’s North Harbour.  [16/12/14]


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