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Pipeline attacked as Libyan exports struggle

Cairo: The Libyan government said that after suffering from a sharp drop in oil production due to protests at ports and oil installations, companies are trying to buy Libyan oil through unofficial channels, and that the government will resort to force against violators if necessary.

The government warned in a statement that companies that want to buy Libyan oil from those who control it now, such as in the rebel held areas of the Gulf of Sirte will face the full wrath of the Libyan army if they fail to follow all legal procedures and do not buy through the National Oil Corporation.

Meanwhile, the head of the Italian multinational oil and gas company Eni, Paolo Scaroni, said that protesters have blocked Mellitah's gas exporting port, in western Libya, and that gas delivery to Italy could stop completely. "What we are worried about at the moment is the Mellitah terminal, which has been attacked by protesters, which pushed us to stop exports to Italy," said Scaroni. He also was quoted by the press saying: "In the last few hours the Mellitah terminal, from where the Green Stream pipeline to Sicily starts, is under attack". Eni is the largest overseas energy firm in Libya.  [07/11/13]

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